December 10 - Ruth


Spread a pile of grain/seeds on a tray and take it in turns to see how many you can pick up using only one hand in twenty seconds

How far is the furthest you have walked? Did you enjoy it? In today’s story the long walk was done to find help and somewhere safe to live. Look at the map to help you make sense of today’s story



We do not meet many women in the Bible and only two have a book with their name, Esther is the other one. Ruth was not one of Abraham’s descendants, but she married one of them.

Elimalek, and Naomi, his wife had moved from their home in Bethlehem with their two sons as there was a local shortage of food. After their father’s death it was not long before the two boys met and married a couple of local girls, Orpah and Ruth.  Sadly both sons died leaving three widows, Naomi decided that she ought to move back to her home village and Ruth chose to go with her.

It was not easy to make a new start and with no land to grow food on they depended on kind neighbours letting them share in the harvest. Ruth’s kindness was seen by many and they willingly helped her, but in secret so that she was not embarrassed.

Boaz, a local farmer noticed her and showed her special kindness and nobody was surprised when he asked her to marry him. Ruth was now settled in the village of Bethlehem where she became the great grandmother of David, the giant killing shepherd who was to become king.


God provided for Ruth and Naomi in ways they did not even hope for. God provides for us in many ways too, some of which we take for granted.

For each seed/grain you have gathered say thank you to God for something that he has given you

Leader: Lord Jesus, who had nowhere to lay your head.
All: Be with those who have no land to call their own.
Leader: For the all the refugees around the world
All: Lord, hear our prayer.
All: Help us, Lord, to find room at the inn for those who are far from home. Amen.

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Many people in our world to leave countries where there is no food, or in dangerous situations like ward to find help and a safe place to live. Visit the Christian Aid website to learn more and for ideas on how you can make a difference