December 13 - Nehemiah


Write a list of all the things that you might need to
build a city wall including the resources and the skills

Today’s story is about a man who God used to rebuild
the city of Jerusalem as promised, with hope and hard
work, and a lot of good organisation.

Read A Time to Build in the Lion Storyteller Bible




Nehemiah 1-13
The Hebrew refugees had been exiled for about seventy years when there was a new king who began to allow them to return to their homeland, and the city of Jerusalem. The walls of the city of Jerusalem were broken and people felt threatened by their enemies. Nehemiah was working as the king’s wine waiter and was sad when he heard how bad things were. The king noticed and gave Nehemiah a chance to explain, after a very short prayer to God for help Nehemiah told the king, who immediately sent him off to manage the rebuilding of the city walls.

The enemies of the Hebrews were determined to stop the work and tried to do so in all sorts of ways. In the end the builders had their tools in their hands and a weapon by their side, ready to spring into action if they were attacked. When the money began to run out Nehemiah paid for food
for all of the workers out of his own pocket.

Finally, the walls of the city of Jerusalem were rebuilt and the people gathered to worship God and services were held in the Temple building and the Book of the Law read to all of the people.


Pray using lego. If you need some ideas visit
Pray Like A Gourmet


People in your family may have already started writing lists for Christmas, especially the things they want to receive as gifts, but Christmas is about much more than that.

Talk about the rituals and the traditions that you have as a family. What things are important and need to be cherished and what things are getting the way of your enjoying celebrating what God has given us in Jesus.