December 2 - God's Creation


Look around you what can you see?

Close your eyes and listen, what can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you feel with your hands?

We are surrounded by things that are made by God, but sometimes we take it all for granted.

Why not read In the Beginning – in The Lion Storyteller’s Bible

Day 2 Sticker


The Bible starts with a very simple fact, in the beginning… God. That is where it all started; God chose to create a world, but in order to have a world it had to be part of a solar system and part of an even bigger universe. That world needed land and water, trees and plants in order to sustain life. The first book of the Bible, called Genesis tells us that God created his world in seven stages, and calls each stage a day. At the end of every stage God checks his work and sees that it is good. 

The first four days are used to create the basic structure of planet earth. Then on day five we see the arrival of fish and birds, followed on day six by land animals of all sorts and sizes. 

But the work of creation was not yet complete, there was one final piece of the story. People, Adam, the first man and Eve the first woman; God even planted a special garden for them to live in and look after.

God looked at everything that had been made and it was good. Day seven was God’s rest day


What is your favourite bit of God’s creation?

Do you think God could have made things in a different order?

Why not try putting the elements  of the story in the right order on the RE:Start website


Say thank you to God for something he has made starting with every letter of the alphabet.

For younger children use an alphabet book and encourage them to say ‘thank you’ as they point to each picture.