December 3 - Adam & Eve


Have you ever done anything that you regret

What were the consequences?

Adam and Eve


Genesis 2:8-3:24
Here comes the tree. There were two trees planted in God’s garden, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. There was only one rule for Adam and Eve, don’t eat the fruit from that second tree.

All was going well, Adam had given all the living creatures their proper names and there was plenty of fresh fruit to eat, but they could not take their eyes off that tree. In the end it was Eve who just could not resist tasting the fruit for herself, and right away she shared it with Adam. They both knew that it was wrong, but were not really prepared for what happened next.

They were used to spending time with God, but felt so guilty that they hid among the bushes and did not even want to be seen. Only then did they find out just what they had done.

No longer could they live in the Garden called Eden; God’s perfect world was spoilt. And what was worse their friendship with God was spoilt too. From then on life became hard, growing food became more difficult, there were family rows and people began to forget about God.


Mix cornflour with water to the consistency of thick double cream and pour into a tray.

The choice that Adam and Eve made got in the way of their friendship with God. When we put ourselves first and hurt other people or do what we want instead of what God wants, these choices also get in the way of our friendship with God. But the Bible tells us that because of what Jesus did on the cross, when we say sorry to God, he forgives us and our bad choices no longer get in the way of our friendship with him.

As you think about choices that you have made that have harmed other people or made things difficult for them, or that you know make God sad, write or draw them in the cornflour with your finger. As they disappear say sorry to God and thank him that he has forgiven you


When you make choices this week, take some time to think about whether your action will make life better for others or worse.