December 5 - Abraham


Play a game to see who can guess how long a minute is without looking at a clock, watch or phone.

Have you ever had to wait for something for a long time? What did it feel like?


Gen 12:1-7, 15:1-6
Abraham and his family worshipped God, who had a very special plan for him. Abraham was seventy five years old when he and his family were told by God to move their tents to a new land and make it their home. They moved all of their belongings, their goats and sheep to this new place and settled down, waiting to see what would happen next. God had a plan to make this small family into a great nation and to be a blessing to all of humanity.

But even though he was very old, Abraham did not have any children, which meant that his family did not really have a future. God knew differently and he made Abraham a promise that it would be easier to count the stars in the sky than to count the number of people who would be his descendants. Abraham had already learnt to trust God and so, even though it did not seem
possible, he was happy to leave it all to God.

It was a long wait, but eventually when Abraham and his wife Sarah were very old their son Isaac was born. Things were beginning to happen.


God always answers our prayers, just not always in the way that we like or when we want. Sometimes it’s he says yes, but not yet.

Talk about the things that you are waiting for that are happening soon (like Christmas!); and the things you are waiting for that are a long way off (maybe a holiday or going to secondary school). Ask God to give you patience as you wait.


Some couples wait for a long time to have children, just like Abraham and Sarah, but it doesn’t happen and this can be very sad and painful. Some children’s parents are not able to look after them and they have to live with other families. Pray for all the organisations that help families especially Home for Good which supports families of children that are fostered and adopted.